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The Soul Eater

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Discover why so many soul eaters are becoming obese!

Cazzopardo's Corner

The soul eaters’ community regarded the invention of the camera as a blessing, especially after it was proven that this instrument is really capable of stealing people’s soul. The soul eaters were more and more amazed by the introduction of electronic camera, and then the inclusion of a camera in every mobile phone: food everywhere and easy to grab, they were living the dream.
But that was no dream, it was hard reality and this overabundance was going to have a price.
During the last 20 years, the obesity rate among soul eaters raised more than tenfold, and similarly the incidence of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes has soared. With time, the soul eaters learned to stay away from the kind of people who lie to much being photographed: they appear succulent and easy to grab, yet their high content of bullshit make them a very unhealthy diet for the soul eaters. As consciousness developed, new business opportunity were seized by the most entrepreneurial soul eaters.
Today, some of the most wealthy soul eaters own spas and gyms, or are involved in the healthy food business (mainly pictures of tribesman bought at very big price from national geographic). Many says the next big money will be in the tourist industry, as tour operators bringing soul eaters to Bangladeshi factories and refugee camps are rapidly growing.

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